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About Us

Under the auspices of Paranur Mahatma Sri Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal.The trust was formed with a core objective to perform annadhanam to the devotees coming to the Adhishtanam. The trust also maintains a Gosala. This Gosala, besides sheltering the milk-yielding cows, also takes care of the cows discarded/meant for slaughter.

The trust has been feeding bhagavathas and general Public during the Aradhana Mahotsavam of Sri Bhagavannama Bodhendra Saraswathi Swamigal, Govindhapuram for all the fourteen days during the Tamil month of Purataasi (September/October) every year (Pithru Paksha ).

Akhandanamam chanting of the maha mantra ‘HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMARAMA HARE HARE … HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNAKRISHNA HARE HARE’ is held in the first Sunday of every month at the Trust premises for the general welfare of the society.

About Sri. Bodhendra Saraswathi Swamigal

Seeing the extraordinary qualities and immense potentialities of the child, to render incalculable good to humanity, Sri Vishwadikendra Saraswati requested his parents to hand over the child to the KanchiMatha with the pious hope of making the child succeed him. The parents willingly gave the child to the mutt. The child attained extra ordinary mastery over Sruti and the Smriti. It gradually dawned on him that namasankeerthanam (chanting of Lord Rama's name) would fetter the cycles of death and birth in Kali Yuga. He chanted Rama nama(the name of Lord Rama) one lakh times every day.

Athmabodhar instructed Bodhendra Saraswati to proceed to Kanchipuram after obtaining Lakshmi Sreedhar's Bhagawan Nama Koumundhi from the author himself at Jagannatha Kshetram (PuriJagannadh), and to compose a lakh of Bhagawan Nama slokas (sacred texts on lord) on the basis of Bhagawan Nama Koumundhi. The above mentioned mandate of his guru (teacher) gave him a golden opportunity to pour out his devotion to Lord Rama and to vindicate the efficacy of Rama Nama (name of Lord Rama).

It was Sri Bodhendral who stressed the efficacy of devotion as a means to liberation in this Kali Yugam. Sri Bodhendral therefore undertook the Nama Siddhantha, or establishing the supreme efficacy of reciting the names of Bhagavan in many of His writings, chiefly in Namamritha Rasayana and Namamritha Rasodhaya. Sri Bodhendral's mission of Nama Siddhantha was pursued with equal vigor by Sridhara VenkatesaAyyaval of Tiruvisainallur and by Sathguru Swamigal of Marudanallur. It was the Nama Siddhanta of Sri Bodhendral that was ultimately responsible for the evolution of BhajanaSampradhaya as an institution in the religious life of the Hindu community in South India.

Bodhendra Saraswathi, during the course of his wanderings in the Cauvery delta was attracted by the beauty of the place(presently Govindhapuram) and decided to attain samadhi or salvation at the spot. One morning, in the Purattasi (September–October) month of the year 1692, Bodhendra Saraswathi attained Jeeva Samadhi sitting in anyogic state. He attained VidehaMukthi at Govindapuram on Full Moon day in the month of Proshtapada of the cyclic year Prajotpatti (1692 AD).