Upcoming Activities

Our Obejctive

  • To provide Annadhanam to the poor
  • To provide food, milk and shelter to the devotees irrespective of caste creed and religion who go over to Sri Madam
  • To establish and maintain “GOSALAS”, including purchase and maintenance of cows
  • To construct, maintain and repairs necessary shelters at Sri Madam as additional facilities for people coming over there
  • To teach, conduct educational programmes and provide infrastructure and facilities for study of and research in music and philosophy
  • To establish and contribute to colleges, schools, libraries, technical institutions, vedapatasalas
  • To provide for Tutorial services and exposition by eminent scholars
  • To provide Scholarships in such spheres of research and study and other forms of assistance for education as may be appropriate in individual cases as may be decided by trustees
  • To provide medical facilities or relief to the poor and render help as may be possible including payment of expenses for such medical treatment
  • To establish or help in establishing institutions for the treatment of animals
  • To provide facilities at Sri Madam, Gopindapuram for studies in spheres of literatures, science, technology in all languages and arrange lectures by competent hands besides publishing books, leaflets and pamphlets
  • To put up community halla and
  • To do any other act that may be necessary or conducive for the advancement of objects of the above mentioned